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Philip H

Hi John, I've just 're-discovered' your blog site after some time away. I note that you've been hospitalised for quite a few months fairly recently and I sincerely hope you are a heck of a lot better now. I know you were always having severe leg and other problems in the past few years and trust that your treatments have eased all these things.

Are you back punting on BF? Or are you still perona non grata? I'll check this blog again now I've stumbled across it (via your comment on Berts blog).

Cheers, Philip H.


Philip H.

dont waste ya time mate

its all make believe aftertiming anyways

didnt even post for a week after losing 7.5k on the golf, ego wouldnt allow it

but found time to post a 44+ on footie

marion was right all along.

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